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A word of appreciation

 Thank you team Debian.  I'm a refugee from FreeBSD, which I've been
using since version 2.2.something.  FreeBSD is a great system and I've
installed servers in Government departments, schools, etc, and I used
it for quite a while on my desktop.  However, Debian beats it in the
ancillary software stakes - apt-get and aptitude are superior tools to
anything in FreeBSD, and I was very impressed with the upgrade from
Lenny to Squeeze.  I ran out of space, but a quick symlink to get
/usr/share on to another partition fixed that.  The community on this
list has also proven to be very helpful and friendly, and thanks to
those who've answered questions for me.

Cheers to you all,
Rob Hurle
Rob Hurle
ANU, College of Asia and the Pacific
School of Culture, History and Language
Histories of Asia and the Pacific
e-mail:              rob1940@gmail.com
Telephone (ANU): +61 2 6125 3169
Mobile (in VN):  +84 948 243 538
Mobile (in OZ):  +61 417 293 603

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