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Re: OT: Safe to access SSH server from work?

* On 2011 05 May 19:56 -0500, Rob Owens wrote:

> I hesitate to mention this, because it will start an argument about
> security through obscurity, but you can run your ssh server on a port
> other than 22.  It really does nothing for security, but it will keep
> your firewall logs a lot cleaner because it avoids pesky scripts that
> circulate the internet, trying to brute force ssh servers.

There is the case where the ISP to your home server blocks port 22.  In
such case simply set the server's port to something memorable such as
4022 or some such and adjust your firewall(s), port forwarding, and
destination port from the client to suit.  It's unlikely that high ports
above 1024 will be blocked.

I use PuTTY and had to play with some screen related settings to get
Mutt to display graphics characters correctly.  On the whole the setup
works very well.  And yes I do use public key access only and have for
several years.

- Nate >>


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