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Re: Customising Debian install

On Thursday 05 May 2011 09:12:47 am Andrew Wood wrote:
> Whats the best way to go about making a custom installation of Debian
> which I can then install onto multiple machines without having to go
> through and manually add extra packages and remove certain default
> packges from each machine?
> For certain things like removing OpenOffice and replacing it with
> LibreOffice this approach works but is time consuming.  For other
> packages it just results in disaster, for example  Ive tried removing
> the empathy package and have inadvertently removed the entire OS.
> How come the packages have dependencies like this, surely removing an IM
> client shouldnt also trigger removal of everything else.

I use 'apt-cache depends or rdepends' to see whats what with dependencies. Not 
installing a desktop environment package, ie: 'gnome-desktop-environment' would 
be a good start to customizing a DE.  Using gtk versions of apps instead of gnome 
version helps, though it seems the trend is to have monolithic DE's.



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