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Re: who creates 'dev/mapper/vgHDB-HDB9'?

Camaleón wrote:
On Tue, 03 May 2011 13:33:06 -0500, Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

Camaleón wrote:

I have a question: who creates exactly those /dev/ entries?
I'd say "udev".
The reason I ask is that sometimes with mondorescue they are not
created and I cnnot access the lv's.
I dunno how does mondo works. Is it a program to be run on live
installations or needs to be loaded from a livecd or...? :-?

Mondoarchive creates a bootable media and that is booted to restore the
data archived. But saying 'udev' is very general...

Ah, that could explain why mondo fails the detection. "udev" create devices on the fly -at booting- so mondo may use another nomenclature or method to create them :-?

Well, the actual situation is very interesting:

1. I can create the mondorescue bootable DVD from an lv and that, when booted, correctly creates the 'dev/mapper' entries under Squeeze.

2. But I cannot do that under Sid, the 'dev/mapper' enries are not created consistently...

3. Meaning, when I do a Debian install of Squeeze, upgrade that to Sid and start installing the complete system, initially mondorescue DVD's generate the 'dev/mapper' entries, but after a while they do not.

4. Until I have a mondorescue DVD that generates the 'dev/mapper' enries correctly and restore that to an lv. Then boot that lv and immediately run mondoarchive to generate another rescue DVD, and that DVD does *not* generate the 'dev/mapper' entries...

Prompting me to find out how those things are created...


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