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Re: Lost input devices on eeepc900.

On Mon, 02 May 2011 16:40:17 +0300, Matthias Andersson wrote:

> The microphones stopped working on my eeePC 900 about a week ago. I
> noticed that the input devices section is empty in the sound preferences
> and I'm unable to determine what could had messed up the settings. For
> instance skype is set to use pulseaudio.
> Playback works fine. Personally I'm really not happy with the quality of
> my question but at this point this is the best what I can produce.

Are you running wheezy?

I've seen a similar case this week (all of a sudden, mic stopped from 
working) that required the installation of "gstreamer0.10-gconf" but that 
package is only available for wheezy and the problem with the mic should 
be only reproducible under testing.



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