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Re: Need help setting up a home LAN

Sorry, John.  This shoul dhave gone to the lsit and not off-list.
On Monday 02 May 2011 16:50:41 John Hasler wrote:
> Lisi writes:
> > +1.  Much easier to remember!  It took me several years to be able to
> > remember my computers' names without having to look them up.
> I wrote:
> > Why didn't you just give them numerical names?
> Mihira Fernando writes:
> > Like the IP address ? :D
> Sure.  OneNinetyTwoDotOneSixtyEightDotOneDotOne, perhaps.  Or just use
> the in-addr.arpa name.

The first three numbers are the same for every box on my lan, so easy to 
remember.  So additionally I only need to remember 1 (the router), 2 (my 
desktop), 3, 4, etc.  Easy numerical names.


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