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Re: Need help setting up a home LAN

> This is very helpful. But while you were responding, Netgear presented
> a new problem. The web interface on the router no longer works with
> iceweasel. It did work fine a few hours ago but now I can only get a
> one line message (folded here for email): "Please upgrade to a version
> 4 or higher browser so that you can use this setup tool (and see lots
> of great sites on the Internet!) "

What model of Netgear?

> I was going to look at the browser interface to see if I could determine
> whether the router included local DNS but ... this new development.

What after you cleared the cache in the browser?

> Whatever happens with this router after the Sun comes up and I go back
> to the store where I bought it, I'll still need to improve my knowledge.

It is interesting to know if you tried to install something
and failed, regarding new router. The very message is quite
strange. If it is the feature and you are happy with hard-
ware, you could install some other firmware (openwrt, dd-wrt).
All depending if the router is supported for that.

> I think I did have static IPs via DHCP.

You don't need dhcp to have ip address. Once you decide to
go static, nothing could stop you. Hosts file keeps node
names and ip addresses, pretty convinient for small net-

> Anyway, I can't have a router that can have its administrative interface
> shutdown without warning in the middle of the night. I'll have to
> solve that before I can respond to your suggestions.

Strange, strange. Are you sure you didn't put something
in you configuration? Like day hours the router works?
Or time limit when you could connect to web interface?
Sounds like that.
However, some popular routers are just pieces of plastic,
with troubles in it. One of netgear models people use
successfuly is 3500 l. If you have it, put alternative
firmware and read manual carefully.
Best regards


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