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Re: Need help setting up a home LAN

Paul E Condon:
> […] I can see good reasons for DHCP, but I have never
> understood how I could get my four Debian hosts to talk to each other
> under DHCP. I see some things that can be configured to have DHCP
> assign fixed IPs to certain devices based on their MAC address, but is
> that what needs to be done?

Depends on your taste. I know someone who absolutely despises of the
idea that the hosts in his local network have hostnames. He likes IP
addresses better. :)

I prefer to name my machines and using the names when SSHing etc. For
the most part, I don't care about IP addresses at all. Your router
should support this for DHCP clients with dynamically assigned addresses
as long as the clients send their own hostname when requesting an IP
address. Debian doesn't do this by default, which I suppose was your
problem. To enable this feature, just edit /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf and
change the line that begins with "send host-name".

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