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Re: How naked am I?

Le 28/04/2011 11:27, Lisi a écrit :
> On Thursday 28 April 2011 09:50:28 tv.debian@googlemail.com wrote:
>> My experience with Netgear home routers (currently a WNR3500L) suggest
>> you could start with in you web browser, that should get you
>> to the config page of the router.
> Mine, a Netgear DG834GT, is  This has consistently been my 
> experience with Netgears.  Maybe they have different defaults for different 
> countries?
> Lisi

Highly possible, or they switch randomly from model to model, only they
know... So the OP could try both, and, on top of that,
and he would stand a good chance to find the right one. As an alternate
he could save time by reading the specs maybe, by looking at the back of
my router I found a sticker with this :

Default access:
default user: admin
default password: password


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