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Re: Using tar and gpg from Konqueror

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Camaleón wrote:
> On Sat, 02 Apr 2011 12:38:05 +0700, Ken Heard wrote:
>> While experimenting with tar and gpg files I discovered that right
>> clicking on a file or directory name in Konqueror with gnugp installed
>> behaves differently depending on its location.  If the file or directory
>> is located on an ext3 or xfs  hard drive, the right click allows the
>> options of compressing the file and encrypting it.  If however it is
>> located on a cf or sd card, the right click offers the compressing
>> option; but it does not work.  No encryption option is offered. Could
>> this difference be attributable to the file system used, the hard drive
>> using ext3or xfs, the cf and sd cards using vfat?  Would either or both
>> of these options options be available if the file system on those cards
>> were also ext3?
> I dunno for konqueror or dolphin, but from Nautulis (GNOME) both options 
> (encrypt/sign and create archive) are available on vfat volumes.
> Greetings,
While I have yet to upgrade to Squeeze, I did discover that when I got
back home to my desktop I discovered all the options you mentioned using
Konqueror.  Have not yet the time to check why I could not do so on the
laptop.  Strange.

Regards, Ken Heard

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