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Re: Nvidia drivers

Not really sure how I should move from here. I want the proprietary
nvidia drivers as I want to have compiz and use CUDA, so if someone can
point me in the direction of the best way to achieve this I would be
very grateful.

Also I find the whole kernel situation in Debian quite confusing as
opposed to Gentoo (my other system) where you just install you're own
kernel, compile it and then install the modules. Any advice on
recommended documents I should be reading?


On 15/04/11 08:06, David Baron wrote:
> On Friday 15 April 2011 09:41:19 debian-user-digest-request@lists.debian.org 
> wrote:
>>> Version mismatch detected between the NVIDIA libGL.so
>>> and libGLcore.so shared libraries (libGL.so version:
>>> 190.53; libGLcore.so version: 195.36.31).
>>> Please try reinstalling the NVIDIA driver.
>>> Any suggestions?
>> Make sure the version of nvidia-glx, libgl1-nvidia-glx, and nvidia-kernel
>> are  all "the same".  190.xx.yy isn't compatible with 195.xx.yy.
>> I don't actually see a 190.xx.yy packaged for Debian; did you use the 
>> "installer" from NVidia?  If so, you might need to clean that up.  The 
>> "packages" from NVidia aren't compatible with Debian packaging.
>> -- 
> Nvidia's proprietary installation places their own libGL.so stuff. Upgrading 
> xorg from Debian will overwrite them so you need to either recompile them or 
> use dpkg-divert to prevent overwriting.
> Debian's nvidia packages do not have the same versions except for certain 
> "legacy" drivers. They also place their modules differently.
> So either find the appropriate Debian ones (I have 260.... and I do not know 
> which Debian version to use!) or reinstall nvidia's version completely. Their 
> installation works first time, every time. Then use dpkg-divert to keep it.

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