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Jonathan Matthews <contact <at> jpluscplusm.com> writes:

> On 16 April 2011 18:39, Pierre Frenkiel:
> > On Sat, 16 Apr 2011, Lisi wrote:

> >> Have you tried this?  You don't mention it.
> >
> >  And did you read my post?
> >  The question was not
> >     "how to unsubcribe?",
> >     but
> >     "how to modify my address without doing unsubscribe/subcsribe?"
> What difference do you think there is between those 2 operations?
> Hint: none at all.

'Hint' indeed...! Patronizing the OP, dear Jonathan, Sah..??

> >  It's curious that I got 5 replys, all about the PS, but
> >  not a single answer to my question !
> Your question was boring

Heh..? What's 'boring' about it..?

> as you self-answered in your original mail.
> Just do the damn unsubscribe/subscribe dance. If it causes
> you problems, please reconsider the wisdom of owning a
> complex bit of kit like your computer.

Keep patronizing, pal.. quite the English gentleman, heh..?

> Also, learn how to respond to people trying to help you with your
> questions whilst /not/ sounding like a git.

A what?

> If this is a secondary-language thing,

Definitely.. In this context, I have not clue what a 'git' is.

> hence you didn't otherwise realise it:

Poor chap.. but I forgive him.. he's only one of them
little greasy foreigners, you know.

What a guy..!

> your email, above, made you sound like a git.

And would _you_ stop 'gitting' people, I mean NOW. Maybe what
you need is a specific debian_en list where the English can debate
all that stuff that is not 'boring' with people of the same breed.
Fascinating subjects like Kate Piddleton and bonnie Prince Harry..
and how we must urgently create an 'English English' locale, and
so forth..

> Stop that.

Yeah, well same as the other two Brits who added their arrogant
attitude to this thread, maybe you need to wake up and realize
you have lost your bloody empire. In the future, when posting to
debian-user, try to stick with the English language instead of using
your tiny province's peculiar idiolect.

> HTH,

Sure does.. Plonk!

No, I'm kidding.. Together with Heddle Weaver (?) and Lisi (?) you
make up such a delightful bunch of clowns that you're kinda fun after
all.. Ya'll sound like something out of Monty Python's Flying Circus and
even when we don't quite understand all the funny words, we all love

Keep posting..!


The wogs start at Calais
                                     -- Attributed to Sir Winston Churchill

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