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Want to do some enhancements on the catfish.

Hi all,

AFAIK, mlocate is the most fast filename-based search tool for *nix; OTOH, catfish can be set as its GUI.

The source for catfish can be got here:


But, in the current version of catfish, it has several shortcomings from my points of view:

1- It uses find as the default backend search method.
2- Its default search folder is catfish, which is not the case for most of us. I think the "File System" should be set the default search folder. 3- In my case, I use gnome with Debian squeeze, when I want to open the folders in the searched results panel, the catfish always give me the errors like this:

Error: Could not open the file /path/to/the/folder.

The tool is written in python, and the main program is the catfish.py included in its source tar.gz. I've tried for a while to do the trick but failed to get the results that I described above.

Could someone please do these enhancements or give me some hints on the revision tips for its source to obtain meet my above requirements? Thanks in advance.


Hongyi Zhao<hongyi.zhao@gmail.com>
Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences
GnuPG DSA: 0xD108493

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