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Re: obtaining copy of debian

on 00:36 Sat 09 Apr, Larry Wazny (the-waz@rogers.com) wrote:
> I have been trying for the last hour to download a copy.  I have not
> used Linus for years, which was Redhat.  I get the parent directory
> which allows me to do nothing.  I have tried http and torrent and have
> never experienced such difficulty. No wonder windows is the most
> popular as I can download any software 
> I need by one click.the-waz@rogers,com

If you're going to use Linus, you might want to check with Tove first
for clearance.

If it's Linux you're after, you might want to tell us, say, what
hardware you've got, and what URLs you're attempting to use for
downloading the installer / image.

How hard is it to figure this out?


   Debian -> http://www.debian.org/

   Top of the page: "Getting Debian" -> http://www.debian.org/distrib/

   First major heading: "Download a small installation image" ->

   This page is possibly a little confusing as you need to know your
   system's CPU architecture.  For any recent PC hardware, that's
   "amd64" ->

Download that ISO, and burn it with any *IMAGE* (not file) burning
software. (I don't use Windows so I'm not familiar with what works there,
but IIRC "Nero" used to work, though I don't know if the native Windows
software does off the top.  For Mac, the CD tool does just fine.

A quick Google search turns up a helpful page from CentOS:


Other useful links would be the Debian GNU/Linux Installation Guide:


The Debian Documentation homepage is another good place to start looking
for help:  http://www.debian.org/doc/

I'd particularly recommend the FAQ:


A bit of attitude adjustment might also be in order.

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