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Re: Installing Squeeze: Cannot choose time zone (two issues)

2011/4/5 Dotan Cohen <dotancohen@gmail.com>:
> Issue One:
> I prefer to install Linux distros in English then configure each user
> for his own language. While installing Squeeze I do not have the
> choice of a time zone for Israel, only US time zones. The installer
> mentions that to display other time zones I must change language. This
> is absurd.
> Issue Two:
> When I go back and choose the Hebrew language, I _still_ do not get an
> option for an Israeli time zone. The time zones available have
> switched from seven or eight US time zones to (translated from Hebrew)
> "US", "Mexico", "Saint Peter and Miklon", and "Canada".
In fact, you can choose a time zone for Israel when install squeeze in English.
when i boot from CD, I choose "Advanced options"----->"Expert install",
I choose English used for the installation process. When set location, I choose
"other", then, choose" Asia" -------> "China" ( You can choose Israel
here). if you more
like GUI when install squeeze,  "Graphical expert install" is a good choice.

> When I try to search for a relevant bug the Installer is not called
> "Installer" nor anything else that I can imagine. So, does a bug or
> workaround exist? Should I file one?
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> Dotan Cohen
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> http://what-is-what.com
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