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Re: Debian was hacked: The Canterbury Distribution (howto write the date)

On 03/04/11 16:54, Lisi wrote:
> On Sunday 03 April 2011 01:20:10 Scott Ferguson wrote:
>> I suspect Liam's response was made in jest :-)
> I'm sure it was - and a successful jest.  But mine was not.  In that case, 
> context made the date's form redundant, but it _is_ a problem.  Not  major 
> one, a very minor one.  But a problem - and one with a very easy solution.  I 
> prefer the 11-04-01 (or 2011-04-01) 

Either of those options works for me.

> solution to the one I myself offered, 
> because month names in a foreign language (and for many here English is a 
> foreign language), whilst certainly unambiguous, may be confusing.
> Lisi

ddmmyy mmddyy type expressions are a pain more often than not (16+ days
a month) - because I can't tell which one is which (dd or mm).
Out of curiosity - I've attached a (tiny) screenscrape of how a post
appears in Thunderbird (yeah I know, but the rest of things are Debian).
I guess the date format on the left is from the list, and the one on the
right is from my system... are my assumptions correct? Also - is that
how others have their dates displayed?


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