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Re: Autodetect proxy not working in Iceweasel

Hi, Camaleón.

On Wednesday, 30 March 2011 14:25:44 +0000,
Camaleón wrote:

> > I just installed Squid on a host of my house with Debian Squeeze.
> > Then I added in my DHCP server the following configuration options:
> > 
> > option wpad code 252 = text;
> > option wpad "http://wpad.freesoftware/proxy.pac\n";;
> (...)
> Just a side note on this.
> By reading the Wikipedia article about WPAD¹ it looks like Firefox can
> only play nice with a DNS based method as specifically mentioned in
> the Notes section:
> ***
> DHCP has a higher priority than DNS: if DHCP provides the WPAD URL, no
> DNS lookup is performed. Notice that Firefox and Chrome do not support
> DHCP, only DNS
> ***
> Not sure if that information still remains true, though...
> ¹http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_Proxy_Autodiscovery_Protocol

As I watched with Wireshark, Iceweasel was reaching the Apache, but it
was returning a 404. In reviewing local logs of Apache, which was
responding this was the default VirtualHost. Apparently, Iceweasel
(Firefox too, I guess) was trying to reach http://wpad/wpad.dat and that
failed. So the addition of "ServerAlias wpad" solved the problem.

The moral is: Konqueror uses the FQDN while Iceweasel does not.

Thanks for your reply.

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