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Re: Re :Re: javascript crypto.signText makes Iceweasel crash

El 2011-03-30 a las 13:12 +0200, Marion VOGT escribió:

(resending to the list)

(please, try to remember sending no html in messages, it's very hard to 
read that gibberish with Mutt and other text-based clients ;-) )

>> You can try the same with the upstream version (Firefox) and check if the 
>> same error happens there. If the error is also reproducible, you can open 
>> a bug report in Mozilla attaching the full backtrace. If Firefox does not 
>> crash, report the bug in Debian BTS, also attaching the logs.

> It works with Firefox.
> Thank you!

Good, but better if you report this to Debian BTS (bug tracking system). 
That way you'll help developers to be aware of this issue and they may 
release release a fix.



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