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Re: SSD's under Debian Linux

bars0 bars0:
> I recently bought an OCZ VERTEX 2 SSD. What precautions should I take
> when installing Debian on it?

You don't strictly need to do anything special. You may want to read the
advice here anyway:


I strongly recommend against disabling the journal, though.

> Are SSD drives supported by Linux?

Yes, including TRIM support.

> Is there any official documentation about this topic?

None that I know of. Everything is supposed to "just work" (including
block size issues).

> Could someone share its experience about SSD's in Debian or GNU/Linux
> in general.

I am using an Intel X25m (1st generation) for almost two years now and
apart from a few tmpfs and no swap, I haven't done anything special in
order to optimize its usage. My model lacks TRIM support, though, and I
think I can notice the performance penalty.

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