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Re: Serial Connection - balancing

* Stan Hoeppner <stan@hardwarefreak.com> [110328 06:24]:
> The single largest user of twisted pair cable, its inventor and
> progenitor actually, was AT&T (the old monopoly AT&T), now known as many
> different companies after the 1980s breakup of the AT&T monpoly and the
> creation of the "baby Bells", now known as Verizon et al.  CAT1 and CAT3
> UTP have been used for telephones for more than 6 decades, and I'm
> pretty sure everyone knows telephones don't use balanced signals.

You are wrong -- dead wrong.  Telephone circuits are balanced; that
explains their inherent noise immunity.

Perhaps you are being confused by the fact that there are a number of
ways to implement a balanced circuit.  The broadcast audio gear
manufacturers Aphex, Jensen (transformers), and Rane all provide
excellent tutorials on balancing which are available freely on their
web sites.

And the balanced telephone circuit goes back to the very beginning of
telephony, before AT&T came into existence.

You need to check your facts before you make an assertion.


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