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irc.debian.org seems to be blocking mibbit.com, a web based chat client, I can't enter #debian.
The error message is:

18:55    oxygen.oftc.net    *** Found your hostname
18:55    oxygen.oftc.net    *** Got Ident response
18:55    oxygen.oftc.net    002: | [0] foto, [1] Your host is oxygen.oftc.net[], running version hybrid-7.2.2+oftc1.6.8
18:55    oxygen.oftc.net    003: | [0] foto, [1] This server was created Feb 12 2010 at 19:34:44
18:55    oxygen.oftc.net    004: | [0] foto, [1] oxygen.oftc.net, [2] hybrid-7.2.2+oftc1.6.8, [3] CDGPRSabcdfgiklnorsuwxyz, [4] biklmnopstveI, [5] bkloveI


You are banned from the channel #debian

I tried different nicks and different computers with different IPs.
I entered irc.debian.org with Empathy in ubuntu with no problems.
I asked in #debian irc.debian.org but nothing.

Maybe some operator blocked mibbit? who should I contact?
Please CC me I am not on the list.
Thank you, bye.

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