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Re: Selinux on a Squeeze Desktop

--- On Tue, 3/15/11, Josep M. Gasso <websurfer@navegants.com> wrote:

> Hello Patrick.
> Thanks for Your answers, the only doubts that I have now
> with selinux
> are:
> System update with "aptitude safe-upgrade" and "aptitude
> full-upgrade"
> did You give any problems?

With SELinux, you never know until you try.  Since I run it in "Permissive Mode" on my Fedora 12 home desktop, it doesn't do anything except log exceptions.

> About backups, the only tool for backups is "star", seems
> that are not
> inclosed in squeeze, there is more similar  tools that
> supports extended
> attributes inclosed in squeeze?

Can't help with star.  Not familiar with it.  I use rsync with Fedora, and will use it with Debian 6 once it's all set up.

> If I want uninstall and delete selinux on squeeze, after
> delete
> packages, is possible delete extended selinux attributes in
> files?

Like I said in my original reply, I've never been able to remove SELinux off a Fedora system without destroying the system itself.  Don't know if it is possible to remove it rom a Debian system once it's been installed.

> If I mount an ext3/ext4 usb hard disk, MUST I relabel this
> too for
> extended attributes? Or can run without relabel too?

Can't help you.  Never needed to do that.  Try it.  It either works or it doesn't.


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