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Re: OT: servers vs. lightning and power outages

Jason Hsu put forth on 3/14/2011 1:31 PM:
> How do you protect servers from lightning?  

During facility construction:

> What backup power sources do you use to keep them running during power outages?

Generally, one Smart-UPS RT 10KVA RM per rack of 3U/2U/1U servers, UPS
at the bottom, servers above.

If packing the entire rack with 30 1U servers, I add another transformer
to get 36 outlets total, with proper output power distribution from the
UPS.  This assume single PSU servers.  I'm not a big believer in dual
PSUs WRT SHV servers.

For the 18 SAS drive FC storage arrays, I do one Smart-UPS RT 3000VA per
4 SAN chassis, along with one Smart-UPS RT 192V RM Battery Pack for ~2
hours extended runtime.


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