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German umlauts, never ending story

Hi list,

due to some syncs, I have some files, with German umlauts in its name.
Well, to change the names in console is not the problem at all and I am happy 
with it. 

But I am interested in, how to change the names in KDE. Simply change the name 
does not work, the system is telling me "This file is not existent". It is 
also not possible, to open a file. For example a *.odt file with German umlaut 
in its name cannot be opened (i.e. M?ller.odt). 

As I said, I can change the name in console, but I found no graphical way (for 
unexperienced users). Is there a way, to change locales in KDE to UTF-8 or 
ISO-8895-1? I only found settings in Konsole.

Some information would be nice, even if there is already a solution for 

Best regards


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