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Re: Layout of /etc/services

Hello Lisi,

I am not sure about your question.
But I guess that part of the answer holds in what is meant by space:
' ' or '\t'

In `/etc/services', '\t' is used but not ' ': try

cat -A /etc/services

to see that.
Given that,

cat /etc/services

gives an aligned port/protocol column.


On 12/03/11 15:48, Lisi wrote:
In an /etc/services file, why are some port/protocol entries inset more than

The obvious answer would be: because the names are longer and the entry
therefore needs more space.  But that doesn't work.  E.g. the two entries for
gds_ub (one for tcp, and one for udp) are indented the extra space, but the
two entries for radmin-port are not indented the extra space even though they
are longer names.

So - why is info on some entries inset more than that on others?

I realise that the answer may be totally trivial, but I am checking in case it
has meaning or even is important.


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