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Re: Debian intallation

Yassine Ehssan:
> I have tried to I install the Debian operating system on a hard disk
> partitioned using windows vista hard disk partition manager and I have
> specified a primary partition of a capacity of 100 GB

You most probably don't need that much space for Debian, but of course
it doesn't hurt.

> but the problem
> was that the Debian installation process doesn't detect the hard
> partitions and need to create a new partition table.

Are you absolutely sure about that? Under your circumstances, it should
detect that there is no free (=unpartitioned) space on the disk and
offer top resize one of the partitions in order to make space for

> Note: that the partitions are working very well under windows and they
> are of NTFS format.

Debian cannot be installed on NTFS. Maybe you have luck deleting the
unused 100GB partition from Windows and then starting the Debian
installer again.

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