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gnome-volume-control-applet fails


Of the two of the boxes that I have, both of them have problems with 

The first box, after I login from gdm, I get

 The panel encountered a problem while loading 

If I remove all my gnome/gdk2 configure directories/files, the gnome 
starts OK, but the problem comes again on next login. 

The second box, at least I can see an icon button (without any icon buy 
with tooltop) that is gnome-volume-control-applet, the problem is that 
when I click on it, which suppose to launch the applet, but actually only 
toggle the mute and unmute. 

I don't know how to start gnome-volume-control-applet from the command 
line though, so I don't know if I can start it later in the boot, and I 
can't see anything obviously connected in .xsession-errors.

Anybody also experiencing gnome-volume-control-applet in debian squeeze?


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