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Re: Your favorite server apps (firewall, DHCP, etc.)

On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 09:48:49AM -0600, Jason Hsu wrote:
> Since I'm looking for a job as a Linux IT consultant, I need a portfolio of favorite server applications - firewall, DHCP server, mail server, print server, etc.  Just as I have favorite distros for the desktop (Puppy Linux, Linux Mint, antiX/Swift Linux) and favorite desktop applications (like OpenOffice and Sylpheed), I should have favorite server applications.
Firewall:  I've used Shorewall in the past and found it pretty good.
Now I use fwbuilder.  With fwbuilder, I have a better understanding of
iptables rules and syntax.  If I did firewalls regularly enough, I'd
probably just use iptables directly, with no "helper" program.

Learn isc-dhcp-server (used to be dhcp3-server on Debian).  Also learn

Learn how to work with/around Microsoft technologies.  For instance, MS
Exchange.  A couple hints for compatibility w/ Linux clients:  turn on
IMAP support in Exchange.  Establish an alternative calendar program --
maybe webcalendar.  Another for instance:  learn to set up samba for
file and printer sharing with MS clients.

Learn some money savers that you can use to impress potential clients.
Two that come to mind are BackupPC and LTSP.  

One thing I never did that I maybe should have:  learn Excel and Access
well enough that you can convert existing macros, complicated
spreadsheets, and databases to free alternatives.  For databases, I'd
suggest something web based like PHP/MySQL (not sure if MySQL is still
the recommended database these days, due to the Oracle buyout).

For small business that want to administer systems themselves with
minimal intervention from you, there are some decent "small business
server" distros.  SME Server comes to mind.  There are others.

The top 2 distros to learn for consulting, in my opinion, would be
Debian and CentOS/RHEL.


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