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xchat-irc cannot display all the text

hey,there ,

I'm using Debian wheezy .  There's a "not big" problem that bothers me
so long time (previous in Debian lenny and Squeeze) --my
xchat-irc cannot display all the text .
take  a screenshot for example(
http://hi.csdn.net/attachment/201103/5/404701_1299295262kKzK.png ):
the last line should be "without a kernel" but the word "kernel"
cannot be displayed wholly ;
the same to the third line (from bottom to top), it should be "know
the name of the package", but the word "package" cannot be showed.

I install the xchat xchat-common xchat-xsys packages here :
wolf@wheezy:~$ aptitude search xchat
i A xchat                                                   - IRC
client for X similar to AmIRC
i A xchat-common                                            - Common
files for X-Chat
p   xchat-gnome                                             - simple
and featureful IRC client for GNOME
p   xchat-gnome-common                                      - data
files for XChat-GNOME
p   xchat-guile                                             - Guile
scripting plugin for XChat
p   xchat-otr                                               -
Off-the-Record Messaging Plugin for X-Chat
p   xchat-systray                                           - xchat
systray notification icon
i   xchat-xsys                                              - x-chat
plugin that can display your current system statistics

any clue?

Best regards!
wolf python london(WPL)
Do as you soul should do !

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