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Re: Problems installing VLC

On 27/02/11 11:58, Brian wrote:
AG<computing.account@googlemail.com>  wrote:

I am having troubles installing VLC on testing/ wheezy.
You have now solved your problem but if you have Debian-Multimedia in
your sources.list it may have been the cause of your problem. My testing
upgrade today wanted to remove vlc and vlc-nox. Commenting out the D-M
archive and removing ffmpeg (which was from there) prevented that.

Some library incompatibility, I expect. I recollect on Lenny it was not
possible to have the Debian vlc and D-M ffmpeg together so it's not
unknown for the two archives not to mix.


That was very helpful - thanks for that. I do have D-M in my sources list, so this may have been the cause of the difficulties I experienced.

I'll bear that in mind for another install I am planning.


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