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Re: Debian Newbie need help

On Jo, 03 mar 11, 17:58:12, p3qwestra@hushmail.com wrote:
> Hi.
> I need help please.
> Because I'd like to move to Debian, I have tried the Debian 6 Live 
> CD. However, because the screen refresh rate is fixed on 60hz, I 
> cannot proceed. I am unable to change the rate and leaving it on 
> that setting means I get migraine. My graphics card is a 256MB 
> NVIDIA 7600 PCI-Express which can handle much higher resolutions; 
> as can the monitor - an excellent Gericom CRT which can also handle 
> much higher frequencies. I've tried to find help but am lost in the 
> maze of topics none of which seem to relate. However, from a Google 
> search, this would seem to be a long standing problem and not just 
> with Debian. Interestingly Puppy has no problems in giving me the 
> needed screen and refresh options.

Please attach the complete /var/log/Xorg.0.log file.

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