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Re: VMware Workstation

on 23:50 Wed 02 Mar, teddieeb@tmo.blackberry.net (teddieeb@tmo.blackberry.net) wrote:
> Ed Morbius ask;
> Does anyone have actual or apparent performance comparisons between vbox
> and VMWare?
> Why would one chose one over the other?
> -----
> I would say VMWare's market share is in the Corporate environment,

This is company use, but we're a small enterprise.

My primary concern is reasonable performance & stability.  I'll be
running a WinXP guest to access a couple of proprietary management tools
(one of which is, ironically, VMWare's ESXi manager), possibly CentOS
and/or RHEL periodically, under Debian.
> Either for the few features it has over VirtualBox 
> or for the same reasons Red Hat or SUSE has dominating market share in
> Servers, Corporate Licensing and Support Packaging.

Frankly, it's dealing with license keys and kernel mods (this is a
custom build) that are putting me off VMWare.  Assuming I can get the
images up (initial attempts so far result in an unbootable WinXP image
-- I'll post sundry details to an appropriate list later if I can't sort

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