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Re: Debian Wiki participation..?

On Du, 27 feb 11, 16:40:02, Dan Serban wrote:
> To add fuel to the fire, I find the debian wiki somewhat archaic, I'm quite
> used to mediawiki, and the current articles are very tech-centric, I

This comes up quite often, but so far nobody was able to point 
significant differences between moinmoin and mediawiki.

> get the feeling that I may not be the best source to be adding
> information/documentation to the page, so generally I just move on.

If not you then who else? :)

> Though this could be that I feel much more disconnected to the project
> lately as I find out "new" things simply through running into difficulties
> with working setups on upgrade.  As a side, what happened to the Debian
> news weekly?  I felt like I used to keep my finger on the pulse...

And you are subscribed to debian-news, yes?

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