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Re: OpenOffice has become LibreOffice?

On Tuesday 15 February 2011 17:08:18 Brad Alexander wrote:
> It's not so much Nokia taking it in a proprietary direction, the fears are
> more based on the fact that Nokia, now headed by an ex-MS exec, has come
> out and said that they are going with Windows phone 7 series 7 phone
> series... They also strongly hinted that Symbian is dead, and implied that
> both Maemo is EOL'ed and Meego is being scaled back to "research status"
> after release of a device this year [1] so as not to dilute their
> affirmation of their MS love. They will be using Bing, Silverlight, the
> entire suite of MS offerings on phones.[2]

I tend to agree with this analysis, but that means bad stuff in the future for 
Nokia, not for Qt.
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