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Re: Missing Disk Space or Partition

On Thu, 20 Jan 2011 17:49:06 -0500, RR wrote:


> Once the system gets to the login prompt and I login and run 'df -h', I
> see

You should check the above filesystem errors and try to fix them. I would 
review the mentioned file "/var/log/fsck/checkfs".
> /dev/mapper/DebSparcx64--01-root 256M   78M  166M  32% / 
> tmpfs                            2.0G     0  2.0G   0%  /lib/init/rw 
> udev                              10M  1.1M  9.0M  11%  /dev 
> tmpfs                            2.0G     0  2.0G   0% /dev/shm 
> /dev/mapper/DebSparcx64--01-home  30G  177M   29G   1% /home
> /dev/mapper/DebSparcx64--01-tmp  368M   11M  339M   3% /tmp
> /dev/mapper/DebSparcx64--01-usr  4.6G  372M  4.0G   9% /usr
> /dev/mapper/DebSparcx64--01-var  2.8G  189M  2.5G   8% /var

Some thoughts...

It seems you are using a fakeraid or logical volumes setup (/dev/
mapper/...). Can you explain how are the disks configured? How many disks 
in use, are they attached to a hard/soft raid controller or inside a 
volume? :-?

How did you create the partitions, from Solaris or from Debian installer?

> The question now is, if you look carefully, I only have ~37GB showing as
> partitioned. Where is the remaining (72-37 GB) space? This was easy to
> see in 'format' command in Solaris but doing all sort of cart-wheels in
> Debian/Linux, I don't know what the heck these dm-* partitions are,
> which seem to be where this missing space is, and how do I get to it to
> create a valid partition out of it and mount it and use it?

That dm* stands for "device mapper", a framework for block devices. I 
dunno about that "format" utility for Solaris but "cfdisk" could be 
useful in this case ("man cfdisk" for details).



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