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Re: Reading files from a diskette from an old MacOS.

Bob Proulx wrote:
> Hint 2: Make a bit copy of the disk to a file and then mount the
> file.  Again, this should completely avoid any write to the floppy and
> therefore be safe working with the data.
>   dd of=/dev/fd0 of=fd.image.raw bs=8k

!!WARNING WARNING!!  I made a mistake in the above.  That should have been:

  dd if=/dev/fd0 of=fd.image.raw bs=8k

Make sure that it is 'if' for input-file and not 'of' for output-file.
Make sure the input file is from the floppy and not the output file or
you will write all over your data.

Fortunately when I tested that just now it seems to not actually write
anything if you interrupt it with a control-c but still not good.

>   ...remove the floppy from the drive...put in safe place...
>   mount -o loop,ro $PWD/fd.image.raw /mnt


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