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Re: sleeping the system vs hibernate or suspend

On Wed, 05 Jan 2011 10:01:47 -0500, Toan Pham wrote:

> camaleon,
> FYI, that is a recommended setting.  

What are your sources? :-)

Last time I checked, in order to hibernate the computer you needed at 
least the same amount of ram your computer had but I know nothing about 
that x2 rule suggestion nor any other requirements on the /swap partition.

> Optimal values depends on multiple
> factors such as:
> 1. total amount of physical ram,
> 2. percentage of actual utilized ram, 
> 3. average cached size to swap partition etc.

I can understand there could be a margin for security (let's say, provide 
an additional ~1 GiB plus the ram) but "twice" the ram sounds a bit 



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