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Re: unattended upgrades

On Tue, 04 Jan 2011 22:51:51 +0100, Simon Hollenbach wrote:

>> > Thanks for replying, Cameleon, but as I said, apt-get install just
>> > did it effortlessly. No interaction required.
>> No prompts asking you about when using "apt-get upgrade"? Weird,
>> because that was what the log said and the package gets blacklisted
>> because of that :-?
> I just wanna say that I experienced the same behaviour but as it was my
> desktop I quickly said:'I really want those installed' and then it
> worked without user interaction, exactly as described right here. Please
> post a link to the filed bug report.

I cannot open a bug report because I don' have the program installed, 
it's you (the ones experiencing the problem) who should do it >:-)

If my findings are correct, the problem is in the script itself and the 
package should be updated... but being for lenny (stable), I'm not sure 
if that is possible.



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