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Re: Wayward crons and inits

David Baron wrote:
> I have some cron job trying to run ntpdate which I no longer have on
> my system nor any of its configs. Have been unable to find it by
> fgrep-ing in the /etc or /root trees.

I know you have already looked but here is where I would look.

  $ sudo find /etc/cron* /var/spool/cron -type f -exec grep ntpdate {} +

> I also have some init still looking for the no-longer extant
> /dev/hda, et al.  Also unable to find it fgrep-ing the /etc tree.

Also look through /etc/rc* and /etc/init.d too.
Look in /var/log/syslog for cron's log entries.

> Harmless, do nothing, but .... any ideas? Running Sid.

Try matching the times it is being invoked up with cron log entries in
/var/log/syslog.  If a cron entry matches the same time then it is
very likely that they are related.


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