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looking for a clock, minimum and can play sound

Hello. I am looking for an count-down clock. Features are:

   * count down to up to 300 seconds. I wish to configure my fluxbox to
     activate it by Ctrl+6, which counts down 60 seconds, Ctrl+3 to
     count down 30 seconds, thus it must be able to accept commandline
     parameter for counting down.
   * play a sound when count down to zero.
   * It's not bad to have it with X11/gui, although console app would
     do (in that case sleep(1) more or less works). It's even better if
     it is implemented as a progress bar so I can configure my fluxbox
     to put it to the bottom/side of screen and put it half-transparent.

I found only one such application in package repository (timer-applet), but I am on a really slow computer and wish to have minimum overhead to start the application, and although i really appreciate having opensource applications designed with a good usability concept and guideline, I don't need it myself in this particular case, thus timer-applet seems overkill for this purpose.

Thanks for recommendation in advance!

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