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Re: Wayward crons and inits

On 04/01/11 07:50, David Baron wrote:
I have some cron job trying to run ntpdate which I no longer have on my system
nor any of its configs. Have been unable to find it by fgrep-ing in the /etc
or /root trees.

I also have some init still looking for the no-longer extant /dev/hda, et al.
Also unable to find it fgrep-ing the /etc tree.

Harmless, do nothing, but .... any ideas? Running Sid.


I can't help on your second problem, but for the first I would create a fake ntpdate script that writes various details to a file in /tmp. Something like:


ps -efl
echo "Parent is: $PPID"
ps -flp $PPID
echo "Args are: $@"
echo "END"
) >> /tmp/ntpdate.out

Should give you some clues when the first cron job runs.


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