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Re: squeeze audio cd and automount

On Sun, 02 Jan 2011 22:17:56 +0100, Filipe Freire wrote:

> automounting is not working since my upgrade to squeeze.  the loader is
> now grub2.
> I can mount usb and, dvd's and data cd's only manually from the command
> line.  /etc/fstab and nautilus options are as they should be. Only for
> dvd's nautilus creates a folder.
> besides this audio cd are not detected ay least by sound-juicer and
> totem. tried all audio devices.

I'm also facing this problem:

sound-juicer: doesn't find any CD drives, even when told which to use

In my case, hal daemon is running so I tried to restarting the service 
but not avail. Also, data CDs are mounted just fine.

At least in lenny, although CD-Audio is not mounted as a normal data CD  
Sound Juicer can play it fine. In Squeezy, the CD-Audio is not even 
detected, but maybe you can try to access the media using another program 
as the bug reporter suggests :-?

As per the USB flash drive, I dunno. What do you get when you connect a 
USB flash/disk drive and run "dmesg|tail -50"?



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