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Re: File systems' timestamps apparently formatted in a wrong way ...

Chris Jackson <c.jackson@shadowcat.co.uk> writes:

> Albretch Mueller wrote:
>> ~
>>  ... or ls not properly displaying them in some cases.
>> ~
>>  I got this compressed file that seems to be the metadata snapshot of
>> a file system you get by running:
>> ~
>>  ls -lR
>> ~
>>  but not all timestamps are formatted the same. You get them as, say,
>> "Mar 24 2004", but also as "Dec 26 09:55" (without the year!) and they
>> are (or seem to be) files in the same directory
>> ~
>>  Why would that be?
> Under the C or POSIX locale, timestamps which are near to now are shown
> with the time and without the year; those well removed show the year,
> but not the time. I'm not sure of exactly how far into the future or
> past the cutoff point is. This is generally useful to human readers but
> a pain for automated parsing. With GNU ls, you can pass --full-time or
> --time-style=<various options> (see the ls man page for details);
> alternatively stat can be useful. Other locales may vary.

You can also use the same options in the environment variable
Carl Johnson		carlj@peak.org

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