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Re: insserv + apache2 + bind9 = pain

On Vi, 31 dec 10, 13:13:39, Mike Bird wrote:
> On Fri December 31 2010 10:51:18 Arthur Machlas wrote:
> > As for all the talk of losing years of wisdom and bug squashing and
> > what-not, I'm not really sure that's the case, but a debate about the
> > worthiness of insserv as a successor to all the Snn Knn links is
> > probably better suited to another thread, perhaps one where more dev's
> > hang out than here on user. In any event, if you hope to convince
> > people of that, I think calling DD's "Script kiddies", especially one
> > who just resolved the bug you noted and I reported within about 12
> > hrs, probably won't leave them too open to taking your position
> > seriously.
> Nobody has called the Apache2 maintainers "script kiddies".
> Most Debian Developers are excellent and dedicated to Debian
> rather than their own egos.  It is the DD's work in developing
> the Snn/Knn values over many years that needs to be protected
> from randomization by the script kiddies.
> The script kiddies are those who abused the Debian packaging
> system to make sysv-rc REQUIRE the harmful and unnecessary
> insserv.

I'm sure you are aware that insserv is doing the (re)ordering based on 
the LSB headers in each initscript. Don't you think your rant is 

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