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imapget: an IMAP mail download and filter script

Hi all,

I've cleaned up a perl script that I use to download 
mail from an IMAP server. 

It's now available to download from github:


Why bother?

- simple, lightweight 
  + single script alternative to fetchmail/procmail
  + doesn't use a .forward file
  + independent of local mail system
- arbitrary filtering rules
- filtering rules in perl syntax (a plus for some people)
- whitelist for personal mail
- delivers to mbox or Maildir folders
- skips duplicate messages
- can connect to server via SSL
- moves downloaded messages to server Trash folder
- logging

What it doesn't do out of the box:

- spam filtering
- POP3

Other considerations:

- no config files
- all configuration is by editing the source code

Acknowledgment: based on the popget script by Simon Cozens

Cheers (and wishing you a Happy New Year)

Joel Roth

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