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Re: USB soundbar as default audio device

On Tue, Dec 28, 2010 at 23:15, Chris Jones <cjns1989@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Ubuntu is now heavily invested in Pulse Audio so what you learn in
>> Debian won't necessarily apply there. You might want to convince your
>> friend to use Debian instead.
> Hm. I may end up doing that..
> What's the deal with Pulse Audio..
> It's available in debian stable.. any reason I should not use myself as
> well it if it ‘just works’..?

Pulse Audio is very mature and usable in Ubuntu 10.10, I recommend
using it if it works for you. But it tool some hard years to get to
that state, therefore PA has a very bad reputation.

I recommend that you just continue using Ubuntu 10.10 if that works
for the express purpose that that machine was intended for. If you
outgrow Ubuntu, you'll know!

Dotan Cohen


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