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Re: need motherboard recommendation

* tv.debian@googlemail.com <tv.debian@googlemail.com> [101227 09:28]:
> Asustek uses what they call "military grade" technology (chokes,
> capacitors and mofsets) on some boards (SABERTOOTH's at least), it's not
> tantalum but claimed to be at least as reliable.
> Having lost two expensive Samsung screens to crappy (CapXon) capacitors
> burst I can use the extra reinsurance ;-).

In view of the fact that capacitors are the Achilles Heel of the PC
motherboard, not long ago one manufacturer went so far as to develop
and market a PC motherboard which utilized no capacitors (other than
the tiny ceramic bypass capacitors, which are inexpensive, reliable,
and indispensable).

The function of a capacitor is energy storage; but this also is the
function of an inductor.  Accordingly, with a change of circuit
topology, the manufacturer was able to replace all the (electrolytic)
capacitors with inductors, and do so at a competitive price.  This was
a "garden-variety" motherboard, intended for general use.


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