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Re: dumb question about gnash youtube-dl and watching youtube videos...

Celejar wrote:
On Thu, 23 Dec 2010 14:11:11 -0600
Hugo Vanwoerkom <hvw59601@care2.com> wrote:

Celejar wrote:
On Thu, 23 Dec 2010 18:25:16 +0000
Phil Requirements <simultaneous@comcast.net> wrote:

On 2010-12-23 09:09:56 -0600, Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
/Thu Dec 23-09:05:15# mplayer E6ROSTqm2KQ.flv
Playing E6ROSTqm2KQ.flv.
TiVo file format detected.
MPEG: No audio stream found -> no sound.
MPEG: FATAL: EOF while searching for sequence header.
Video: Cannot read properties.
"TiVo file format detected" is what went wrong. It cannot read the
properties of the video because it has wrongly detected the video.
On my system, playing one of those flv files looks like this:

    mplayer youtube_9sJUDx7iEJw.flv
    Playing youtube_JMSepxmZQNg.flv.
    libavformat file format detected.
Do you have libavcodec installed? On my system it is libavcodec52.


The problem does seem to be a missing libavformat.  Where'd you get
that mplayer build from?  Try a newer one, or build your own?

I'm using mplayer from dmo, and it works fine with all YouTube videos
(although I don't use the nogui version).

Can you give 'apt-cache policy mplayer'?

hugo@Debian:/$ apt-cache policy mplayer-nogui
  Installed: 2:1.0~rc3++svn20100804-0.1
  Candidate: 2:1.0~rc3++svn20100804-0.1
  Version table:
 *** 2:1.0~rc3++svn20100804-0.1 0
        500 http://www.debian-multimedia.org/ sid/main i386 Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

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