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Missing/corrupt font?

I've recently installed Squeeze on a desktop system with Gnome and KDE.  All 
seems quite well with the exception of a poorly displayed font when using KDE.
99% of the fonts look great but in certain places the font used is barely 
readable, both small and 'run together'.  Examples are, when in the KDE System 
Settings, or in KMail, the search box contains the word "Search" as a default.
The font used for the word "Search" is the one in question.  This same font 
shows up in non-KDE apps as well, Rosegarden audio app is an example.
Changing the fonts in the KDE settings has no bearing on it at all.  One other 
possible clue is in KMail using Kwallet, the password box does not display 
stars or any other characters when input is typed, only a "box" character in 
the first position that doesn't change.  Other password boxes display stars, 
or dots as expected.  Am I missing a font, or possible have one that is 
corrupt?  Any ideas on how one could change the font used in the above 
siutations?  Thanks for any ideas!


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