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Re: Barcode reader. Need help and suggestions.

Roman Khomasuridze wrote:
> Yesterday I received barcode scanner (for credit cards) from quite unknown
> chinese manufacturer. it has USB interface.manufacturer is MSR (I guess),
> and model is HCC7...
> Bus 005 Device 006: ID 04b4:bca1 Cypress Semiconductor Corp. Barcode Reader

I have never seen a barcode on any of my credit cards.  Mine all have
magnetic stripes.  But I have used bar code readers on my Debian
machine to read bar codes.

> the barcode reader seems to be on, as I see green light.
> When I put my visa card in it, device goes down, it seems to be turned off.

You appear to have a non-keyboard version.  The version of barcode
scanners I have used have either been older serial port versions or
newer USB versions.

> After much reading, I found suggestion to connect barcode reader to PC
> through usb2ps2 adapter. With this setup there seems some "Progress": when i
> slide my visa card through scanner it doesnt turn off - The same behaviour
> can be found on Windows PC if no driver for this device is loaded.


> So, as I guess all I need now, is software, that will output data from
> barcode reader to... well somewhere.

The USB barcode scanner versions that I have used so far all appear to
the system as a keyboard.  Scanning in a barcode acts as if the data
were typed in at a keyboard.  This type is fairly easy to use since
there are no special drivers needed since the usb keyboard driver is
already available.  Unfortunately you appear to have a different type.

> and i get this in dmesg:
> [ 7014.401237] generic-usb: probe of 0003:04B4:BCA1.0008 failed with error -22

Perhaps the information in this thread will be of use.



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